Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cinderella vs. Reality

Rags the Riches......

Cinderella and her glorious fate.Is it possible that from having nothing you can have everything through marriage or magic?

I do not see Cinderella as the girl that does nothing and one beautiful day she gets everything through magic. Cinderella is a very active girl that works in the house, is respectful, even after badly treated by her stepmother and her step sisters she never gets evil she keeps her kindnesses and vulnerability.She is pretty and even though is living her live as many would consider miserable she never lost faith and never stooped dreaming.And one day all her dreams , her goodness and her work got rewarded by getting the happiness she always wanted.

Even thought her happiness comes through marriage and the way she got that reward was with the help with magic that came from a fairy grandmother , tree, birds , cow etc , i find the message that Cinderella delivers very close to reality. The message in this fairy tale is not that marriage is the way to wealth but is more like after all her work and her pure soul she got rewarded with fulfillment of her dream to have happiness that in her case was more towards love than wealth.She got the love that was denied to her , the treatment and happiness  that she deserved, from the prince.

In real life we do not have fairy grandmothers or trees that help us to get happiness or wealth but if we are good as good as Cinderella , good things will happen to us, people and fate will help us. Life had shown that to good people good things happen. We should not forget that those tales were written at an early time where the role of female in the society did  not have the impact that it has now days. Woman were non independent and the only way to get rewarded for being a good person was to be married to an handsome prince.

If we will have a 2012 Cinderella she most probably in our democracy were we have  "rule of law" she will get after age of 18 all the wealth that her father may have left for her and her stepmother would be imprisonment for child abuse.Further more Cinderella will inherit all her fathers money invest them become a successful business women and marry her childhood best male friend that was always next to her when she need it him.This is how i would interpret a converted  Cinderella of 2012 she got wealth, love and justice.

Cinderella being my favorite tale , i think it holds many messages and they should not be misinterpreted, as i think this tale it helps and gives so much hope to all the little girls/boys out there that need that touch of magic to be strong and have faith that life really does get better ones you keep doing your work , keep dreaming and most important keep staying a good vulnerable person.

This was the age-old yearbook dream come true  of many Cinderellas  around the world  :
And this is the new dream come true of many Cinderellas in the world :

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