Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Kribu Rafiki" Welcome Friend

Last week we had  as a guest speaker Dr. Ochieng'  K'Olewe, which gave an interesting lecture that turned   to be one of the most interesting classes of all times not only for me but for many in the class.
In African "Kenyan" fairy tales in the form of oral literature are not only for entertainment but for bringing communities together , gather families  and deliver important messages. In this story telling we have the teller and the audience that is not only a listener but a responding audience as well as the teller will call many times and the audience would have to respond to the call. Remember "Paokwa" -"Pakawa" , Once upon a time........

Stories in Kenya were told in the dark that generated because stories are older that electricity so at the time the story teller will just interpret under the moon light. Another reason it is that in the dark the listener will follow the voice without distraction and remember the story better so the darkness it is used even to capture the listener attention.

In this stories we find many significance messages or advises. As in Africa and in many countries important is the ability to survive. To survive you need to have the ability to think fasts on your feet that will get you out of troubles. "Wit" is celebrated, quick thinking.

The significance of this stories is that they show values , believes , attitudes and portrait African societies. Many of this stories deliver a moral "Be thankful of what you have". The mores and morality of the society.

Another important thing in oral society are the "songs". A song by itself it is a story.
Karibu -Rafiki  song that mean welcome friend, you will find a video made in class by me while we were  singing this song with Dr. K'Olewe.

Each of the stories deliver a different message , moral or advise, for example the mosquito story says to us that it is a reason why things happen  the way they happen.Or a contemporary issue you can turn it into a narrative (The Somalia story)
History is important as it is were all this stories, generated from shared experience myths and fact.

The importance of drums. I don't want to leave without mention this important African instrument the "drums". The talking drums , drums were the first way of communication and play an important role while singing and int he story telling.

Asante -Thank you

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