Thursday, April 26, 2012

"People need stories more than bread itself"Arabian night

I start this blog with a powerful quote from the movie that shows the importance of the stories and the story telling in the Arabic culture "One Thousand and One Nights" said in English the "Arabian Night" or in Arabic "Alf Layla wa Layla "
 "People need stories more than bread itself- they tell us how to live and why".

We had an interesting lecture from Dr. Esa about Arabic folk tales and the power of story telling. Most people around the world are familiar with "One Thousand and One Nights" stories. The number 1001 it is very imponrtat in Arabic culture as that means infinity so adding one more number to it makes this number extra ordinary as the stories it self.This are a collection of stories from different periods and different places.
The main story start with tow brothers in rivalry and the cheating of the wife as the other brothers lover. One of the brother kills the women and from that moment he mistrust every women so he marries virgins and had them killed the next morning. After this was going on fro sometimes fear was spread among females on who will be next. After being fascinated from the beauty and power of the story telling the daughter of a wazir decided to volunteer to be the next wife of the king with the home that with the power of the story telling she can save him herself and  other women.
With the power of story telling she saves him and gives him 3 boys. While watching the movie Arabian Night i could not stop it i just wanted to know the end even though the movie was as long as two hours i didn't realise that i took so long as that what the power of story telling does , takes time way and without realizing it is morning and you just don't want to stop hearing them.
The style of the Arabic tales is much more complex than other tales we have read in class. Much more action it is involved and much more moral such as the given wealth taken away and the way to get back. It is more like a teaching lesson on how to live life and how to fulfill your desires by fate and after by choice or wit.

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