Monday, May 7, 2012

Adivasis in India : Keeping Alive the Tradition

In this class we had the privilege to have as a guest lecture the wonderful Dr. Alles that gave a wonderful description of Adivasis culture,tradition and how they incorporate tales into them.Adivasi are rural people in India they live in Gujarat and they make up to 50% off the population. The importance of tales for some cultures around the world  has a enormous significance than in other parts. Like the Adivasis in India the myths and legends are what keeps the tradition alive for these people so their tradition will not be forget by the upcoming generations. They also have gods incorporated into their stories that makes these stories to be more alive during every day routine for the people. They also have many ceremony that also incorporate respect for god and the story is what has kept for centuries and  made this tradition to be alive and celebrated form the people each year.

Dr. Alles gave an incredible presentation from a perspective eye to eye, face to face while he visited the country and this community himself.That is an important part if you want to fully understand some kind of tradition of a country or a group of people best is to fully live it your self. For this Dr. Alles presentation about this community was more interested  that just being researched . He had pictures with the people of this communities , during the festivals and during their rituals. It seemed that despite gaining a real perspective of their traditions Dr. Alles really enjoyed himself while drinking Adivasis traditional drinks and trying their food from the ground, (that he claims was clean and tasted good).

Three main stories: A story about Mahura, the importance of drinking
The story about Babo Tumbo
The sotry of Babo Pithoro

In the pictures were mainly the times during the ceremony first was honoring the gods by sending to them goods such as a chickens etc. Another part of the ceremony was painting living room walls with all kind of pictures while each of them told a different story.While some of the pictures were sexual but in the end that does not matter much when is part of the culture that does say a story itself.

The planting of trees and sitting around it telling stories, drinking and partying all nights was a ceremony attended by Dr. Alles. The food was made on the ground and the  traditional drinks was made by the locals themselves. The slaughtering of the animals was a tradition  where goats, lambs, chicken would be seen slaughter spreading their blood allover the place. If the gods claim that is what it takes to purify the community who can tell  is wrong. Despite all the reaction that some of the photos made in class Dr. Alles self experience journey in India was incredibly fascinating as well as the Adivasis traditions. The myths and legend are told in front of all ages so every one will listen, learn and retell them in order to keep  the tradition of Adivasis alive.

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