Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cinderella vs. Reality

Rags the Riches......

Cinderella and her glorious fate.Is it possible that from having nothing you can have everything through marriage or magic?

I do not see Cinderella as the girl that does nothing and one beautiful day she gets everything through magic. Cinderella is a very active girl that works in the house, is respectful, even after badly treated by her stepmother and her step sisters she never gets evil she keeps her kindnesses and vulnerability.She is pretty and even though is living her live as many would consider miserable she never lost faith and never stooped dreaming.And one day all her dreams , her goodness and her work got rewarded by getting the happiness she always wanted.

Even thought her happiness comes through marriage and the way she got that reward was with the help with magic that came from a fairy grandmother , tree, birds , cow etc , i find the message that Cinderella delivers very close to reality. The message in this fairy tale is not that marriage is the way to wealth but is more like after all her work and her pure soul she got rewarded with fulfillment of her dream to have happiness that in her case was more towards love than wealth.She got the love that was denied to her , the treatment and happiness  that she deserved, from the prince.

In real life we do not have fairy grandmothers or trees that help us to get happiness or wealth but if we are good as good as Cinderella , good things will happen to us, people and fate will help us. Life had shown that to good people good things happen. We should not forget that those tales were written at an early time where the role of female in the society did  not have the impact that it has now days. Woman were non independent and the only way to get rewarded for being a good person was to be married to an handsome prince.

If we will have a 2012 Cinderella she most probably in our democracy were we have  "rule of law" she will get after age of 18 all the wealth that her father may have left for her and her stepmother would be imprisonment for child abuse.Further more Cinderella will inherit all her fathers money invest them become a successful business women and marry her childhood best male friend that was always next to her when she need it him.This is how i would interpret a converted  Cinderella of 2012 she got wealth, love and justice.

Cinderella being my favorite tale , i think it holds many messages and they should not be misinterpreted, as i think this tale it helps and gives so much hope to all the little girls/boys out there that need that touch of magic to be strong and have faith that life really does get better ones you keep doing your work , keep dreaming and most important keep staying a good vulnerable person.

This was the age-old yearbook dream come true  of many Cinderellas  around the world  :
And this is the new dream come true of many Cinderellas in the world :

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Literature from the perspective of sign language

On our last class we had the pleasure to have as our guest Dr. Mark Rust an ASL professor at McDaniel College. He presented to us the beautiful part of the sign language and how literature it can be visible as well. That was an interested explanation I never thought that we could see the voice as he explained .So voice can not be only heard but seen as well. He illustrated his presentation of this beautiful language with videos and funny stories. The part that I didn't know and I ask Dr. Rust as how the deaf people could read the normal text just like everyone one and they can right back to you but just the hearing voice is interpreted with signs instead of vocals.

ASL was recognized as a language in 1996. Before and even now Dr. Rust explained to us how important is the need of this language for the all deaf community to share the same signs and share their ideas and have a beautiful life. As many problems as such were identifies like school within 3 miles with each other would teach to their deaf students different signs for the same word  for example on how to interpret the word  “name” those kids would interpret in different way. For those kids to communicate with each other was not even possible.  But I am happy that some people like Dr. Rust are looking to solving this kind of problems and helping those children in need.

ASL as in poetry and prose, we may think that sign language is interpret word by word as we speak the English words, but is not like that the words are taken as a definition and put  a sign for that and not every word is expressed with a separate sign, but more like as group of words that form a certain meaning and illustrated with images makes it easier and faster to understand. In this visual literature it is important the body language and facial expression as that make is easier for the poem or prose to be   more enjoyable and understandable. But as many works such as Lewis Carroll’s “The Jabberwocky”    it is difficult to understand this prose while reading it  but it is much easier to understand it with the help of sings, facial expression and body language.

Another interesting discovery from this class was the feeling of music. The explanation of visual language in songs and how they felt the music through the base and not being able to hear it they can feel the music from inside them. The song must be carrying the same rhythm and be translated as conceptualized not as literary to be understood.

I really enjoyed this lecture of Dr. Rust I learned so much about ASL and I really got to learn some really nice signs (the best friend sign) that I did share with my best friend.  As I find ASL a very important language in the world, I’m so happy that ASL is growing day by day and more and more people are interested in learning and helping the development between the written and visual literature and this language as a whole. 

Rust,Mark."Fairy Tales and Story Telling in ASL".Lecture, March 8th 2012.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

How much do you love your fairy tale blog?

This blog will be an overview  for all the blog entry's  posted from a classmate of mine. I will be reading throughout Mike's blog and give an overall reflection about it.

We kinda have the same reason for taking this class as same me and Mike are pushed from the curiosity of the difference between original fairy tales and the Disney version. Thought being a boy his favorite fairy tale is quite different from mine (Peter Pan) and mine (Cinderella)but in (blog post 1) i think he gives a good explanation of why he chose this class and about his favorite fairy tale.

A great description of fairy tales (blog post 2) i really liked the explanation of fairy tales it is very detailed well explained and i like the fact that he used different fairy tales to explain some important features.

Again in (blog 3) we have a good description of the psychoanalysis of fairy tales though in this blog a title is missing. I think a title is important as it is the first thing that captures the eye of the reader.

(Blog 4)This by far is my favorite blog entry i found very interesting the humorous carton compared with the original tale of Red Riding hood. The cartoon was funny though very different from the original tale of Red Riding hood i found it a good one and a nice interpretation of it .Well done.

(Blog 5)A description of Cupid and Psyche and the tale "The Frog Princes" I found it not really good interpreted. First it is not a clear description of "Cupid and Psyche"  to be compare with "The Frog Princes" I think Mike should have given first a broader overview of  "Cupid and Psyche" (one of the most famous love myths) and after point out the differences and similarities that are much more than what he points out.

(Blog 6) Here we have a good interpretation of the Snow White though many details comparing the song with the original tale are left aside. I do not like the title of this blog (Sonne of the bitch)  what?? This is a fairy tale blog and that title scared me. On the song "Sonne" i do not think the main theme it is  the way the author of the blog defines Snow White but I think the most important part it is that who is harming Snow White in this version it is her self and that we can harm our self more than others can do if we leave our addictions to overcome us.

Overall was a good blog and i enjoyed reading. I would recommend to Mike to make it a bit more colorful in all senses. In this blog also more pictures would help make it  look less cold as it is a fairy tale blog so a touch with some pictures will be great. Another think be careful with the title as i think that is a very important as i mentioned before , plus a description of your self on a side would be recommended.
 Good job and interesting comparisons.

Snow White as the Queen ..

I found very interesting the video in the song "Sonne" from the German metal band Rammstein.They are from Berlin and formed their band in 1994, the band consist of six boys. They like to use fairy tales theme in their videos but they show the dark and sexual side of them. Enjoy the song and keep reading.........

This is a quite different description of the pure Snow White of the Brothers Grimm but we find some similarities as well. In the video she is wearing the same clothes as she wears in the Disney movie but the look of her face is not as pure as the Brothers Grimm make her to be. In the video we do not see any other character as the wicked/queen, the hunter, or the prince, just Snow White and the seven dwarfs. I think all the characters are personified in her she is the wicked addicted/queen and that house is her kingdom and the dwarfs are her slaves. Her beauty and size makes the dwarfs to obey her and bring her the gold to sniff it ( as a drug). It is very interesting because in this description Snow White is the evil and the one to harm her self but the dwarfs are also helping her to kill herself providing her with the gold poison (drug). At the time where she is punishing them spanking them you can not actually see her arm but in the shadow you will see the dark image of her that personify the dark side of Snow White.

 Another image showing that Snow White is personified as the wicked queen or maybe as ( Snow Whites evil side not shown in the original tale) she is sitting in front of a mirror and one of the dwarfs is combing her hair with a comb that here does not seem to be harming her. In many tales this shows that she has the power   and the dwarfs are her slaves.Though she posses more sexual power as the dwarfs are sexually attracted by her.

 Another similarity we have the apple that even in this song plays an important part.The dwarfs are polishing the apples for her apparently the apple personify Snow White, she likes the red apples as red as her lips. In this case is not the apple who kills her but her addiction for the gold drug. We can compare it with the original tale as the Queen in the Disney version  is her addiction for beauty who made her evil and killed her. So this can be interpreted that every addiction can kill you if not controlled. In this song after she is found dead overdosed in the bath , the dwarfs dressed her so they sow her naked  and put her in a glass casket at the top of the mountain same as the original tale. What wakes Snow White up is not a prince but the apple that falls from the tree breaking the glass that in the original tale is what kills her.We will even see one of the dwarfs with a big guitar at the top of the hill that can be the same dwarf in the original tale that stayed as a guard to protected her dead body. As many similar episodes can be found between the Brothers Grimm tale and  Rammstein but interpreted differently but Rammstein did not what to say us this is another tale but that this is the same tale but another side of it. Another similarity that i found the only one that is unique with the original tale is the love of the dwarfs for Snow White,  after she dies  they are both sad same as in  the tale and in the song .We have a guard  that stays to protect her but in the original tale it is her goodness that makes her to be loved and in this song it it her sexuality that makes them to love her. In this song she is strong  but she is the one to harm herself so Rammstein are trying to tell us that  we can harm our self more than other can do if the evil side of us is superior to our good side. 

I like the description of Snow White in this song i find it more realistic and it would  be interesting if this version would have been a movie. In the song are many under themes that shows the real personalty how human kind is and if we would compare it with the Jungian or Freudian psychology the description of Snow White in this song would have been closer on how man kind thinks and behaves.